Sunday, June 14, 2009

Three Minutes With Author Avah LaReaux

ISBN: 978-0-9824298-1-5
Retail: $14.95

BPPBooks: What is the title of your new release?

Avah LaReaux: The title of my latest release is What's Done In the Dark.

BPPBooks: Tell us about your new release.

AL: The version of What's Done In the Dark that was released this May is the alternate ending version of my debut novel by the same title. What's Done In the Dark is the first installment of the Lost & Found saga series and introduces our main character, Marcus Clayton, by revealing a secret and exposing a piece of his former life.

BPPBooks: Without revealing too much of the plot, tell us about the main character and how s/he fits into the story.

AL: Marcus Clayton is the main character and he is the plot in What's Done In the Dark. Marcus is a former NFL linebacker who achieves fame and wealth, but not happiness. This first installment starts the unveiling of Marcus' life and how his actions affect those around him.

BPPBooks: Who is your favorite character in this book?

AL: Jewel Clayton is my favorite character in this book. Jewel is Marcus' father and he is sharp. I love the advice he gives his son during trying times.

BPPBooks: Is this your first novel? If not, tell us about your previous release(s).

AL: Yes and no. What's Done In the Dark was originally released last April. My publisher and I retooled the ending and re-released the title this May. In April, however, the second installment of the series was released. The title of that book is Song of the Siren and it digs a little deeper into the character Renee from What's Done In the Dark.

BPPBooks: When did you first start writing?

AL: I first started writing when I was nine years-old. The love affair began with poetry and progressed to novels in 2002.

BPPBooks: What genre do you write in and what makes your book unique in the genre?

AL: I write saga fiction and believe my books are unique in how the message is presented. Many books show the drama of situations and how that drama plays out with the main character and peripheral characters as relates to that particular story. My titles do that, but they also take the same drama presented by the original main character and switch it around to show the long-term effects of the behavior. I don't just deal with the here and now of the drama; I show the entire picture and how it's drawn throughout generations.

BPPBooks: What appeals to you most about writing?

AL: I love writing. I enjoy watching myself go from hearing character dialogue in my head, to developing that dialogue, to painting an entire scene. The progression of a "mere" thought into a novel is very exciting.

BPPBoooks: How can readers learn more about you and your book(s)?

AL: Readers can learn more about my books by visiting Avey World at (my website). Feel free to browse my bookshelf and watch and read the book trailers and excerpts.

BPPBooks: Where can your book(s) be purchased?

AL: What's Done In the Dark and Song of the Siren, as well as any future titles to the Lost & Found saga series, can be purchased from my website at, my publisher's website at, online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, or by ordering through your favorite local bookstore.

Publisher's Note: All Blue Planet Publishing titles can be ordered at your favorite brick and mortar bookstore.

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