Monday, June 1, 2009

Introducing Author Darren LaMontagne

ISBN 13: 978-0-9824298-2-2
Retail Price: $14.95

BPPBooks: What is the title of your new release?

Darren LaMontagne: My new book is entitled The Pearly Gates.

BPPBooks: Tell us about your new release.

DL: The Pearly Gates is fantasy fiction, although, I believe much of the paranormal aspects of the book to be true.

BPPBooks: Without revealing too much of the plot, tell us about the main character and how s/he fits into the story.

DL: There are four main characters in the book, none more important the next. Tim and Mary Crawford are a happily married couple until the day a deadly accident destroys their lives. Tim and his son Blake die in a bizarre accident and they soon find themselves at the Gates Of Glory. While Tim's son is granted access to Heaven, he himself, is denied entry. An angel named Sophia exits the entrancing wall of light to let Tim know that he needs to complete a very important task before he is allowed to pass through the gates into eternal happiness. Meanwhile, back on earth, Mary battles with severe depression over the loss of her family, even though Tim has the ability to spend his time with her, without her knowing. Suicide looms in the balance for Mary until she discovers that she is pregnant with her's and Tim's second child, which gives her a new lease on life.

Syras and Serena are the other two main characters I was refering to. Both were, at one time, citizens from a distant planet called Valdohre who were wrongly accused of crimes they did not commit. As punishment, they were banned to earth, a planet plagued with crime, where they would eventually meet and fall in love. Before Syras meets Serena, he lives through an extremely awkward period, as he despererately attempts to adapt to his strange new world. Such a difficult transition would eventually turn to great success before it would once again turn sour in the beat of a heart. As the story progresses, the common link between these two families grows and grows.

BPPBooks: Who is your favorite character in this book?

DL: I would have to say that Syras was my favorite character. His ignorance towards the way humans live is very entertaining. At one moment, he can look like the biggest idiot of all time, and a few pages later, he'll look like an absolute genious. It's impossible not to love Syras.

BPPBooks: Is this your first novel? If not, tell us about your previous release(s).

DL: Yes, this is my first novel, but I'm well into my next story. Far From Glory will not disappoint.

BPPBooks: When did you first start writing?

DL: I started writing poetry in high school, many years ago. However, I never even thought about writing a novel until about two years ago (Feb/07).

BPPBooks: What genre do you write in and what makes your book unique in the genre?

DL: I write fantasy fiction novels. What makes me unique in my writing is that I'm not a reader, so you know my style is going to be original. It has to be. There are a few song writers who played a huge inluence in my life ( Stevie Nicks and James Hetfield ), but generally, I am my own mentor.

BPPBooks: What appeals to you most about writing?

DL: The fact that I love creating is what draws me to writing. I would much rather entertain an audience than be part of an audience any day.

BPPBooks: How can readers learn more about you and your book(s)?

DL: To learn more about me and The Pearly Gates, Google my name and you'll find lots of info. Everything you need to know is also on Myspace and Facebook.

BPPBooks: Where can your book(s) be purchased?

DL: The Pearly Gates is now for sale on and Barnes and Noble. Just enter my name (Darren LaMontagne) or the title (The Pearly Gates), and my book should pop up. If you prefer, you can also order it at your local bookstore or purchase it on my publisher's web site at

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