Friday, July 24, 2009

Conscientious Blogging

While blogging is a means of making your view point known and does assist an author in promoting his/her writing and building his/her brand, it also shares a piece of the author’s personality with a blogging community. For this reason, it is most important to blog carefully. There a number of subjects that individuals have strong opinions about. Among them are politics, religion, and social ills, but that doesn't mean that the individual as an author is at liberty to share his/her thoughts so freely. Remember, everything that is posted online stays online. This is no different than publishing any type of work (blogging is a form of publishing). That being the case, authors must be conscientious enough to place their opinions carefully. Unless it is your marketing goal, you don't want to publish a blog or blog comment that could potentially kill your career before it gets started or end a wonderful ride in the literary world.

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