Monday, November 9, 2009

Saturday's Upcoming Author

Inspirational Fiction Author, Allyson Olivia Ringgold

Allyson Olivia Ringgold, a native of Baltimore, MD, currently resides in Miami, FL. Throughout her life she has always found comfort in writing. She started writing poetry and stories in elementary school because her imagination was too big to keep inside her mind. She pursued her interest in writing at Susquehanna University where she wrote for the school newspaper The Crusader and received a bachelor’s in mass communications. She continued to develop her craft at Syracuse University where she received a master’s in journalism.

Throughout her life she has always written from her heart. She hopes when people read her fiction they will see something that reminds them of the truth. In her writing she unravels the issue of loving someone and living for God, and demonstrates the conflict that is caused when the two meet. She hopes her writing will captivate and inspire her readers to live and love her imagination.

Friday's Author: Avah LaReaux

A writer inspired by the human condition, Avah uses the power of the written word to captivate and entertain her readers. She has a talent for penning stories that focus on the lives of everyday people while conveying messages of empowerment, optimism, and inspiration. Avah's work and prose has been featured in various anthologies including In-Between Days and Under A Quick Silver Moon in the United States and overseas in the United Kingdom in the anthology Theatre of the Mind. Her current works, What's Done in the Dark and Song of the Siren are the first two installations of six in the Lost and Found saga series.

What's Done In The Dark
(Alternate Ending Release)
by Avah LaReaux
Publication Date: May 15, 2009
ISBN -13: 978-0-9824298-1-5
Price: $14.95

Song of the Siren
by Avah LaReaux
Publication Date: April 15, 2009
ISBN -13: 978-0-9824298-0-8
Price: $14.95

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Thursday's Author: Darren LaMontagne

My name is Darren Lamontagne and I was brought into this world in May of 1969, in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. I enjoy sports and watching movies but I love writing, although I am not a reader. I can't ever remember finishing an entire novel, so you know my style is going to be unique. I don't necessarily write to impress anyone - my words tend to come from the heart. I write fiction/fantasy with a splash of humour, but "emotion" is the true core of my work.

The Pearly Gates
by Darren LaMontagne
Publication Date: April 10, 2009
ISBN-13: 978-0-9824298-2-2
Price: $14.95

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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wednesday's Author: Daniel Reyes

Daniel Reyes was born on May 13, 1982 in Burbank, California. At the age of 20, Daniel enlisted in the United States Navy. His first command was the USS LAKE CHAMPLAIN, a guided-missile cruiser out of San Diego, California. He was then picked up for communications school and was sent off to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion Four. With NMCB4, Daniel worked alongside Marines and other Sailors. This is where the vision of For God and Country was born.

For God & Country
by Daniel Reyes
Publication Date: May 29, 2009
ISBN -13: 978-0-9824298-3-9
Price: $13.95

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday's Author: S. A. Brown

As a native of the Mississippi Delta, Stephanie Brown’s colorful childhood and life experiences provide her a plethora of tales to inspire and entertain her readers. As a secondary teacher and coach, she witnesses the human plight in real-time and her driven imagination concocts almost everything she sees into a story to tell.

Stephanie believes her purpose is to write. With her passion restored and her “box of ideas,” she hopes to inspire, encourage, and entertain readers with compelling characters and thought-provoking storylines. Currently residing in Biloxi, Mississippi, she wants her audience to walk away with a life lesson every time they walk away from a piece of her work.

Sugar & Spice: The Anthology for the Grown and Sexy
by Avah LaReaux, S. A. Brown, Hazel Mills, and Sunshine Royal
Publication Date: November 2009
ISBN -13: 978-0-9824298-6-0
Price: $14.95

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Monday's Author: R. M. Hamilton

R.M. Hamilton was born in 1976 in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. In 1994, he graduated from Fremd High School in Palatine, Illinois. R.M. has worked in the printing/graphic arts industry for over 13 years. He currently resides in the western suburbs of Chicago. R.M. realized that his passion for life is to write. He always had a natural talent for writing and is at a point in his life where he wants to use his talent and creativity to one day make it a full-time career. R.M. wrote his debut dark fantasy novel "Unscarred" which was self-published in June 2006. He also writes short stories and poems for anthologies and magazines. In June 2007 he won the First Place Prize for FOX TV's "On the Lot" for a writing contest.

R.M. Hamilton created and runs the "Authors of MySpace" profile on where he promotes independent through NY Times bestselling authors. His Blue Planet debut novel, Hello, My Name is James, was released in August 2009.

Hello, My Name is James
by R. M. Hamilton
Publication Date: August 2009
ISBN -13: 978-0-9824298-9-1
Price: $14.95

Find out more about R.M. at

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