Thursday, December 31, 2009

BPP New Years Resolutions

I resolve to continue to find hungry artists and to introduce them to the literary world.

I resolve to produce only the best in today's fiction and share those titles with the world.

I resolve to help all Blue Planet authors reach their goals by offering them the best of all I have.

Happy New Year, everyone.

~ Bruce Woods


I resolve to live my dreams and reach for the impossible even more.
I resolve to not be discouraged when others don't recognize my dreams.
I resolve to love where I am not loved and retain my gift of joy regardless.
Happy New Year!

Hugs & kisses,


Hello everyone! Well its a new year and a new decade, so here is a list of
things I want to accomplish to get the decade off on a good note.

1. Make a million bucks.
2. Find a cure for cancer.
3. Win the nobel peace prize.
4. Become Prime Minister.
5. Marry Oprah.
6. Remove the letter "Q" from the English language.

Actually, I would happy if you just purchased a copy of my book, The Pearly
. Have a safe and happy New Year, friends!

~ Darren LaMontagne


I want to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year!
I plan on completing a few writing projects in 2010, so be on the look out for those!

~ R.M. Hamilton


My New Year’s literary resolution is to write with inspiration and passion like never before, and to put my deepest emotion and creativity to paper. I would like to write more poetry so I can tap into the genre that introduced me to the power in putting words together. My last goal is to write the sequel to my debut novel, In the Name of the Father.

~ Allyson Olivia Ringgold


I resolve to read more blogs and consistently comment on my own blog. My blog gets neglected through the vicissitudes of life.

I resolve to WRITE. Everything has taken priority over my writing in the past and in 2010, that can be no more.

~ S. A. Brown


I resolve to feel grounded in marketing my upcoming book, Juniper Crescent.
I resolve to get the sequel to Juniper Crescent on to being published.

~ Tony Graff


I resolve to read more.

I resolve to get Miss Kitty finished and launched. She's been too quiet for too long.

I resolve to enjoy what I read, and, if I don't, I resolve to put the book down and walk away. Life is too short and the list of books to read is WAY too long.

~ Anne D. Roberts

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